De Tapuit


Title: De Tapuit
Client: Dunea
Location: Wassenaar, NL
Year: 2021
Size: 310 m2
Subject: Visitor center for a water treatment facility in a nature reserve

Together with Podium and Kloosterboer decor, Designwolf won a tender to create the new visitor center of Dunea in the dunes of Meijendel. The visitor center ‘De Tapuit’ shows the two activities of Dunea: water purification and nature management. The space is divided into an interactive exhibition area and a tourist information area with a shop. The areas are divided by a long volume containing the cash register of the shop, display, storage, a water bar and a workshop table.

The dunes play a main role in both activities of Dunea: they filter our drinking water and are home to a variety of plants and animals. The dunes were our starting point for the exhibition design: six abstract dunes form a landscape with surprising glimpses. They offer insight into the life of local animals and they test your knowledge on water purification. The fish that live in the natural dune pools are displayed in a big fish tank.

The tourist information area offers routes for hiking and cycling. A touch screen map is adjusted to your needs. There are screens for activities and live images of an owl nest in the attic of the building.