Animal Academy

Museum Volkenkunde

Title: Animal Academy
Client: Museum Volkenkunde
Location: Leiden
Year: 2022
Size: 775 m2
Subject: Family exhibition that teaches how humans can live in harmony with other animals

What if your teacher was an elephant? Or your tutor a leopard? Find out what would happen at the Animal Academy in Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden. Twelve animals are in charge of their own classrooms, a combination of collection, an interactive activity and a lesson to be learned. Ethnography and natural history go hand in hand, providing food for thought. They teach you how to look at the world from the animal point of view. From the hammerhead shark to the dung beetle, all animals at the Animal Academy have an important lesson to teach: ‘Humans, let’s make sure that all of us on this planet survive. Without us, you won’t make it.’