Title: Discoverlab
Client: Museon
Location: The Hague, NL
Year: 2021
Size: 90 m2
Subject: Workshop space on science and technology

Putting the ‘disco’ in ‘discovery’: in the Discoverlab you are a DJ, VJ, lighting technician and sound engineer in one! The flexible workshop space transforms into a classroom, event space, and exhibition space. The tables have wheels and all furniture can be stacked away. 

Next to flexibility, sustainability is the base of the design. As part of SDG Houses, Museon stimulates sustainable development to make the world a better place. Therefor the museum was prepared to adjust their planning to be able to reuse parts of an exhibition that we designed for them before. Money that was saved by applying aluminium profiles from the ‘Space Travel’ exhibition, was spent on more interactive exhibits in the new Discoverlab.