Hello Vermeer!


Title: Hello Vermeer!
Client: Mauritshuis
Location: Den Haag
Year: 2022
Size: 175 m2
Subject: Temporary children’s exhibition about Johannes Vermeer

What did Delft smell like in Vermeer’s day? What was paint made of in the seventeenth century? And why does almost everyone love Girl with a Pearl Earring?

The interactive exhibition for all the family will take you to the world of seventeenth-century Delft, where you can discover everything you ever wanted to know about world-famous painter Johannes Vermeer.

Maurits the Mouse will tell you about his adventures with the girl with the pearl earring, and kids will get a chance to explore for themselves. Using a blacklight, you will be able to discover where Vermeer painted the light. Discover what paint was made of in the past and where the ingredients came from at the pharmacy on our replica seventeenth-century Delft street.