Extraordinary history. Transgender in The Netherlands

IHLIA LGBTI heritage

Title: Extraordinary history. Transgender in The Netherlands
Client: IHLIA LGBTI heritage
Location: Traveling, NL
Year: 2021
Size: 100 m2
Subject: Flexible installation about transgender history

The exhibition ‘Extraordinary history. Transgender in The Netherlands’ tells about the long way of prejudice and exclusion towards emancipation and recognition. Seventy years of Dutch transgender history comes together in a visually rich exhibition including large portraits, film interviews and unique objects.

The exhibition consists of a system of reusable scaffolding covered with overlapping layers of fabric, forming a long washing line. Six large portraits of ambassadors tell the story over six time periods. A curtain fabric was chosen for each period, representing the zeitgeist, gradually increasing in transparency. The fabrics also get shorter: the installation opens up. 

The exhibition is designed to be flexible and modular, in able to travel to different locations, adapting to the space. While claiming a fair amount of exhibition space, the installation can be transported in a single van.

The exhibition is curated by historian Alex Bakker following his book ‘Transgender in The Netherlands’, and commissioned by LGBTI heritage organisation IHLIA.