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Welcome to the Designwolf website. We are a design agency for interior spaces. We work mainly on exhibitions, but we also design for restaurants, offices or homes. We can design and manage the process from first concept to finished product. Trained as product designers, we also do work in this field, chiefly with furniture design.

We always strive to find the best possible solutions for our clients. A project  starts with extensive research and interviews. Much time is spent into getting to know one another and the assignment. With this information, we seek a unique and innovative solution. 

With exhibition design as our basis, stories and meaning play central roles in our designs. After a thorough investigation of the assignment and its context, we can formulate or design a clear concept. That way, you make sure all elements of the design fit together properly and work as a whole. It also creates a positive way of working because decisions can be easily tested. Everything has meaning and is a result of the process. The concept remains consistent even down to the tiniest detail.

Other important ingredients in our designs are interactivity and humour, which we believe stimulate people’s curiosity. In an increasingly individualistic society, we see our job as getting people to connect with each other through our designs.

We always aim for a variety of experiences in our exhibitions. It keeps visitors curious. To us, an exhibition is like a walk through a city, with busy alleyways and open squares. Museum fatigue is counteracted by different physical experiences. In our exhibitions, we try to move people emotionally. Using theatricality and poetry, we draw visitors in, stimulate interest, and touch them.

Our exhibitions are always interactive and often linked to a collection. This combination strengthens both. The collection becomes accessible and the interactives are full of content. With interactives, we always aim to offer variety. One visitor may prefer to play a game on a screen, while another may want to get straight into the subject. Because people are only in an exhibition for a short time, we make our interactives simple and intuitive. Finally, an important element in an exhibition is layering. It makes your subject more accessible to a wider audience.


Residential home interiors
We create rooms, places and details, which enrich life in the home itself. We design spaces for different situations during the day. We rearrange plans so that multiple routes are possible and we love to walk around your new home, over and over. Various views, interior spaces and windows provide additional contact. Tailor-made furniture can be adjusted according to a client’s exact wishes.


  • museums
  • educational learning environments
  • offices
  • hospitality
  • retail
  • public space 
  • residential homes
  • products


Handmade sketches are a characteristic part of our process. This process is adapted to the requirements of the assignment and our client. We always have a lot of contact with our clients, because coming up with workable solutions is best done together. The complete process usually consists of: Sketch design, preliminary design and final design. This ranges from coming up with a variety of ideas/concepts (diverging) to consolidating ideas and making choices (converging). Following these phases are tendering, art-direction, construction and installation supervision. In a first interview with a budget in mind, a trajectory can often be already decided upon. Clients can then choose for themselves what Designwolf will take responsibility for.


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