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Title: Backstage
Client: Theaterinstituut
Location: Reizend (lokale theaters)
Year: 2010
Size: ±100 m2
Subject: Rijke historie van Nederlandse theatermakers

The exhibition is designed to follow the process from initial idea to final on-stage performance. It highlights well-known people in Dutch theatre, but visitors can also get involved themselves. With interactive exhibits and an accompanying workshop, visitors can get a glimpse into the world of theatre.

The first exhibition station is devoted to the initial idea for a show. Here, visitors can make a conceptual collage by combining images on an interactive table. In the ‘sweat corner’, you get put through your paces by a strict director! Once on the ladder, you stick your head through the ceiling hole! By pressing different buttons, you can see the impact lighting has on a décor. And then, it’s time for the premiere: the spotlight goes on, the curtains open and cue … applause!