Titel: The story blooming
Client: blooming
Location: Bergen aan zee
Year: 2019
Size: 55 m2
Subject: Story of the history of blooming

Designwolf was asked to translate the story of hotel blooming into an exhibition for guests to get in touch with its rich history. We created a narrative room with a cabinet wall that illustrates the period from 1614 to today with objects, pictures and stories. De central table was repurposed to create a timeline, with an interactive screen that slides over the table to reveal historic documentation about the place. A 1914 map of the area was printed on the floor carpet.

blooming hotel, beach club, and estate are found around Bergen in Holland. The name blooming is written with a small “b” to emphasise its meaning of growth of people and organisations. The goal of the organisation is to invest in social projects, which originates in their idealistic heritage as an adult education center. After 2002 the organisation continued as a hotel.