Dura Vermeer stand provada


Titel: Dura Vermeer stand (Provada)
Klant: van Amerongen & Klaver
Locatie: Amsterdam, NL
Jaar: 2018
Grootte: 175 m2
Onderwerp: stand met de nieuwe branding van Dura Vermeer

At the beginning of 2018, MATTMO from Amsterdam wrote a completely new brand story for Dura Vermeer. Important to this strategy was how Dura Vermeer does not just talk about innovation—they do it. Their message: ‘Here is the future.’
Within this new strategy, MATTMO was asked to design a presentation for their stand at the Provada Real Estate Trade Fair. The new slogan ‘Here is the future’ was printed on a huge balloon in the form of a giant Google Maps-style pointer. Under the balloon is a large counter which reflects the same pointer shape.
This piece of furniture is designed to combine the different kinds of social interaction you might experience at a trade fair. Its form goes from a couch to a bar and eventually becomes a small tribune. That way, you can talk to interested parties in different ways. Space was also made available for small workshops and presentations .

Commissioned by MATTMO. (www.museon.nl)