Liturgical furniture

Title: Hands
Client: Grote of Jacobijnerkerk 
Location: Leeuwarden, NL
Year: 2004
Size: ±50 m2
Subject: Liturgical furniture

In the modern church, pastors no longer look down on people from the pulpit, but move among them during church services. This makes liturgical furniture and the sacrament table more important. The table forms the starting point of the design, while the religious character of the liturgical furniture offers excellent possibilities to integrate symbolism and stories. Perhaps even necessary possibilities. The Bible turned out to be full of inspiration.

The sacrament table is divided into three parts. This has a practical purpose – weight – but ‘three’ is also an important number in the Bible. During holy services, the sacrament table displays the bread and wine. The table legs are designed as abstract arms which hold up the glass table-top; these stand for the hands of the churchgoers who carry the bread and wine. The shape of the chairs also have a meaning: they are inspired by the wheelbarrow. The pastor who uses the chair is also a kind of ‘carrier’ – a metaphor for his connection to God’s higher authority.

Made in collaboration with Kijlstra & Brouwer Architects. (www.kijlstraenbrouwer.nl)