On expedition!

Museum Volkenkunde

Part of NorthernLight design team (www.northernlight.nl)

Title: On Expedition
Client: Museum Volkenkunde
Location: Leiden, NL
Year: 2011
Size: 200 m2
Subject: Interactive exhibition about legendary expeditions 

On the courtyard of Museum Volkenkunde stand five large transport crates. These crates look as though they were just back from an expedition and are full of found objects. The exhibition covers four important historical expeditions. This includes stories of the people behind these expeditions and their adventures.

Visitors themselves go on an expedition in the exhibition, making choices about what to take home. This gets visitors thinking about different objects and their value. The first crate is an introduction and shows four films, each featuring a famous expedition and its leaders. These people were true adventurers. A greenscreen room offers visitors the chance to be part of a map which was drawn up at the time. Several stacked crates form a narrow crawlspace where visitors can look for hiding places to stowaway!