Title: Partnerzone
Client: Technopolis
Location: Mechelen, BE
Year: 2021
Size: 200m2
Subject: Interactive immersive space with varying content

For Technopolis in Belgium we created a flexible immersive space, in close collaboration with digital media developers YIPP. This pavilion is a partner zone that is loaded with content from different partners over time. The current partner focuses on sustainable maritime technology in their exhibition ‘Sea Force’. 

In order to completely immerse the visitor into the digital experience, we ‘submersed’ the pavilion into the floor, playing with their sense of orientation. The introduction room prepares visitors for entering the second room, the immersive theater. More information is provided in the third area with an interactive table and screens on the wall. Visitors are guided into the pavilion by a line of LED light in the wall, over the tv screens, around the table and back to the exit.