Rhino table

Title: Rhino Table
Client: Designwolf 
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2008
Size: 75cm high x 100cm wide x adjustable length
Subject: Furniture

The Rhino table plays with the concept of weight. You have the feeling that there’s an immovable concrete lump in the garden, but is that really the case? Its plump shape doesn’t help. The table is from the same family as the Rhino chair, using the same visual language. The table’s design inspiration is a structure of two trestles and a sheet, only now they are all made of concrete. The trestles stick through the heavy sheet, emphasizing its weight.

The table is made from innovative Balsa Concrete® and has a foam core. This makes everything much lighter and movable. Pigment can be added to the concrete, so the table can be a variety of natural colours