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Title: Sate Bar
Client: Lo family
Location: Rotterdam, NL
Year: 2014
Size: 84 m2
Subject: Full-service brand formula for fast-food franchise

When opening a new restaurant on the food court of the Erasmus campus, the Lo family immediately wanted to create a new franchise formula: ‘sate bar’. An entire corporate identity was developed for this formula, from logo and menu design to all the interior elements.

We wanted to put sate and grill into the spotlight. We also wanted to make the kitchen as theatrical and open as possible. After you order, you walk past the grill where your food is prepared. This is the first electric grill in a fast-food restaurant, and it was developed together with the supplier. (The entire food court is electric-only.) The family’s Indonesian roots are reflected in the graphic line and the specially designed lamps based on traditional hen cages.

The interior is designed so that the restaurant can operate within 40 m2. Due to the modular nature of the restaurant, this can be easily extended. The interior really is designed according to a formula. Through a combination of elements, you immediately get the feeling of being right in a sate bar. The counter with the electric grill is engraved with the logo. The bamboo and stainless-steel features, combined with the pale green, is immediately recognisable. This also goes for the tile mosaic behind the warming trays. And, of course, everything is designed within the requirements of logistics and hygiene.