Teen Facts


Part of NorthernLight design team (www.northernlight.nl)

Title: TeenFacts
Client: Nemo
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2006
Size: ±500 m2
Subject: The science behind puberty

What happens to you in puberty? Puberty is a hectic, confusing phase of life. Everything is growing, hormones race through your body, your brain is developing, you knock things over … and where do those pimples come from? What mechanisms create the mental and physical changes during this period?

At TeenFacts, you could find answers, explanations and facts about this turbulent but also special phase of life. Fun and practical for visitors in the middle of puberty, but also enjoyable for those close to them. The exhibition’s visual concept was: a teenage magazine. The five themes of the exhibition were arranged in the space like five folded pages. Content components of each theme were listed on each page as articles. Sometimes this emerged from a page in three dimensions and became an interactive game.

The exhibition consisted of the following themes:

1. Am I my hormones?
2. Let’s talk about Sex
3. To the max!
4. Who am I?
5. Test yourself

NB. This exhibition is now closed.