Water Gallery


Part of NorthernLight design team (www.northernlight.nl)

Title: Water Gallery
Client: Museon
Location: Den Haag, NL
Year: 2012
Size: 100 m2
Subject: The importance of water

There is more than enough water for everyone on Earth. However, not everyone has access to clean drinking water. Many people live in places with little water or lack the resources to purify water. Inside this gallery, the importance of water is explained from different perspectives, such as biological, environmental and political.

We wanted to emphasize the importance of water. The room itself has almost something religious about it: a temple for water! A central projection tells stories from all over the world. All interactions can be started using the blue balls, representing drops, which surround this projection. Following this introduction, visitors get a better view of the issues surrounding water with interactive exhibits.

‘Water is the source of life’