Winkel Museon

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Title: Museon Shop
Client: Museon
Location: Rotterdam, NL
Year: 2014
Size: 200 m2
Subject: Shop interior within museum’s new brand identity 

Designwolf was commissioned to play a major role in the renewal of Museon’s customer journey. From arrival and parking to visiting the exhibitions, measures were taken to update the museum. The shop was also outdated and had to conform to Museon’s new interior style guide.

The Museon building by architect Wim Quist is an entity difficult to ignore. As such, there’s no point fighting it. The entire building is built on a grid of squares 1.1 m x 1.1 m. The grid continues in the interior design concept. The blue featured in the new corporate identity was also chosen as an important part of it. As visitors walk around the museum, they can see where exhibitions end and general purpose areas begin. We wanted to keep transparency in the building by looking closely at lines of sight. As you come through the revolving door, you can already look into the museum through the shop.

The shop’s range of products is stored in display pedestals equipped with drawers for easy access.