Wisboom Pumping Station Exhibition

UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

Title: Wisboom Pumping Station Exhibition
Client: UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk
Location: Kinderdijk, NL
Year: 2017
Size: 100 m2
Subject: Interior for introductory exhibition, Kinderdijk

For many years, on the site of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk, the Wisboom pumping station was used as a visitor centre. This included a small film theatre and a waiting area. This area was situated in a room which used to be the station’s boiler house during the Age of Steam. Designwolf was commissioned to develop a small exhibition in this space. This exhibition would act as a waiting experience.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is a large table with a 3D model of the ‘Alblasserwaard’. Visitors can control small windmills on this model. Due to weather changes in the interactive projection, visitors have to react like real windmill-keepers. The aim is to keep the polder from flooding if it rains.

In addition to this table, some interactive exhibits further explain the history of this place. A big technical drawing is painted on the wall based on the original blueprint of the boiler house, on a scale of one-to-one. This helps visitors get a feeling of the size of the installation which once stood here.