Wisboom Pumping Station Shop

UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

Title: Wisboom Pumping
Station Shop
Client: UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk
Location: Kinderdijk, NL
Year: 2018
Size: 100 m2
Subject: Shop interior

In Kinderdijk, you discover historical heritage which can be traced back to three technological milestones: the windmills, the steam-powered machine and the electric pumping station. These inventions are suggested within the shop’s interior design. They were also the inspiration for the materials chosen: wood, steel and copper.

The entire layout of the room was changed, and the old transformer house was added through the removal of a wall. A few installations in this transformer house were kept, and their operation is explained for any interested visitors.

The entire interior of the shop was newly designed, based on its products range with storage options in the shop itself. The walls give a nice warm background, while the product islands offer a playful look. And, in the new counter, you can see the three Ages of Water Management displayed vertically in the materials.