Title: Alexanderplein
Client: Klaver & de Koning
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2017
Size: 150 m2
Subject: Home interior

It’s always a great honour when a client returns with a request to redesign their home interior. This house was furnished as an office and needed some drastic changes to turn it into a home.

We mapped out the residents’ wishes through a series of interviews. These were translated into much of the custom furniture inside the personalized interiors. We love to design places and locations which make your life more enjoyable. For example, that could mean an extra seat between the kitchen counter and balcony, so you can enjoy a drink and chat to the chef.
The floorplan offers multiple routes in the home, upstairs and downstairs. We believe it’s important that you can walk around in your own home. The glass floor on the ground floor was an important architectural feature. We opened the floor at ground floor level and created a direct vertical connection with the basement. It also lets daylight into the darkest place of the house. The materials chosen for the house were from natural sources, to create a timeless whole.