C. Cosmetics and care

Title: C. Cosmetics & Care
Client: Caroline van Eeuwijk
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2010
Size: ±100 m2
Subject: Interior for biological beauty salon

In the middle of the Jordaan in Amsterdam is the beauty salon ‘C. Cosmetics & Care’. There is a moving story behind this salon. After a career as a lawyer, Caroline van Eeuwijk decided to change her life and follow her heart. She came across natural methods of skin care and, in 2010, she decided to open a beauty salon herself. The products in her salon are all natural and have no chemical additives.

The interior design follows this vision: What you don’t put in your mouth, you shouldn’t put on your skin. This is expressed with two components of the interior concept. Firstly, all materials used are natural and sustainable, just like the salon’s products. Secondly, personal attention for customers in the salon is very important, so we also bring that out in the interior.

Both components are divided up metaphorically into honesty, balance and attention. The entire salon has a natural zen feeling. All the forms are simple and calm, with a lot of attention to detail. The wooden floor seems to have grown from outside, from the rear façade down to the ground, and then over the floor to the inside, becoming a visual expression of the shop and product display.