Fashion School Amsterdam

Title: Fashion School Amsterdam
Client: Hellinga & Van der Poel
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2019
Size: 200 m2
Subject: Home interior

There is an old fashion school in the east of Amsterdam which was purchased by a CPO construction group (collective private commissioning). After the purchase, they rebuilt the shell. There was plenty of opportunity for future residents to have a say in how these homes would be put together. For example, they could determine where they wanted mezzanine floors to be built. Several extra square metres were added in this way.

During this initial process, Designwolf was asked to think about design possibilities. This ultimately resulted in our being commissioned to do the entire interior.

As always, we aim to create spaces, furniture and details which will enrich life in the home. We try to design spaces for special situations during the day. This might be a window with a view onto the playroom or a specific niche for the keys. Being able to walk around the house is an element we always try to incorporate in the interior design. Here, you can also walk around using various routes. Different views, spaces and windows offer extra contact.

The fully customized home interiors were precisely tailored to each client’s personal wishes. The newly installed steel façade, for example, has small tilting windows for visual contact during bathing. Many customized cabinets and a newly designed kitchen provided plenty of storage space and a modern, but warm interior.