Noorder Jaagpad

Title: Noorder Jaagpad, Muiden
Client: Bloemendal en van Dorp
Location: Muiden, NL
Year: 2019
Size: 82 m2
Subject: ground floor interior new-built residence 

It’s a great honour when a client returns to get their house designed again. The clients bought a house in a new-built area of Muiden in The Netherlands. The assignment was to make the new house feel warm and homely.

By interviewing the client their wishes were mapped and translated into several big custom furniture pieces. We specialise in designing situations that upgrade quality of living. In this case the custom statement kitchen does the job. A 3.6 x 1.2 meter block forms the ‘cooking machine’, containing all functions and storage, while serving as a bar table. 

The central volume of the house is enveloped in custom wooden storage, referring to the classical ensuite model in a contemporary way. The volume contains kitchen appliances and a wine fridge on the kitchen side, and a fireplace and hidden home office on the living room side. The living room can be divided by closing a set of steel and glass doors. Both parts of the volume are connected by a plant-clad cabinet door.