Sancta Maria

Title: Sancta Maria
Client: Henskens en de Fluiter
Location: Noordwijkerhout, NL 
Year: 2016
Size: 246 m2
Subject: Townhouse interior

By the dunes in Noordwijkerhout, you can find the Sancta Maria, a monastery with a long history. Since the 1920s, the monastery consisted of various buildings. These buildings were divided up and transformed into apartments and townhouses. Designwolf was commissioned to design the entire interior for one of the townhouses. This four-storey house was a shell without stairs, and it underwent a complete metamorphosis.

The staircase plays a central role in the interior concept. It ensures daylight for each floor and vertical connection. On the ground floor, the stairs end in a large wooden block. This block stands in the middle of the space and is kitchen wall, toilet, office and stairs in one.

The dining table is on a raised podium. Sitting there, you’ll find yourself at eye level with people standing in the kitchen. The floorplan shows multiple routes on all floors in the house. We believe in multiple routing in your own home.

Materials chosen for the house were concrete, wood, white powder-coated steel and marble. They were mostly from natural sources and ensure a warm and timeless whole. By integrating glass, light and modern design, we created a modern living experience with lots of atmosphere and a feeling of home.

Through a series of interviews with the future residents, we mapped out their wishes as much as possible. These were translated into much of the tailor-made furniture inside the personalized interior. The entire house was designed right down to the last detail. We love to design places and locations which make your life more enjoyable. That’s why there is an extra seat in the windowsill overlooking the parking area. The kids can wait for mum and dad to come home. And they play behind the glass on top of the block on the ground floor.

The basement is a multifunctional space with a shower, playroom and office. The first and second floors are for the bedrooms. The master bedroom on the second floor has a ceiling 8 metres high, looking up into the roof. And the open bathroom has a feeling of space.