MOVE exhibits


Title: MOVE exhibits
Client: PON
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2019
Size: 26 m2
Subject: The Mobility Experience is a challenging exhibition about the future of mobility.

MOVE is an exhibition that shows the history and the future of mobility. The innovative exhibition aspires to be a window into the future by inspiring and informing visitors, with an emphasis on sustainability. Designwolf developed and designed three interactive stations that challenge visitors to work together in an accessible, intuitive and fun way, without having to read instructions. 

The first installation is about the future of the bicycle. Visitors race against each other on futuristic bikes. The gameplay is filled with content on current initiatives and futuristic ideas about mobility. 

The second installation is about energy. Visitors build the future of energy in The Netherlands around an abstract map, picking future-proof solutions from a conveyor-belt. For visitors who seek more challenge, four energy cases zoom in on the topic. 

The last installation is about mobility and its future. In the future we won’t own cars or bikes, but there will be a subscription that gives access to all forms of mobility. PON already delivers this service with their Shuttel product. Which mode of transportation do you choose for each part of your trip? The first player to arrive on the destination wins! 

PON is a company known for importing Volkswagen but they also produce bikes, they own Greenwheels carsharing and they import Caterpillar machinery.