Space Travel


Title: Space Travel
Client: Museon
Location: Travelling exhibition, NL
Year: 2018
Size: 600 m2
Subject: Travelling exhibition on space travel and what it means for mankind.

‘Space Travel’ is a highly interactive exhibition. The exhibition can be seen as a journey to search for a new inhabitable planet. Could we discover a planet where humanity could live? And what would such a planet look like? Would you like to go there? In this exhibition, you are an astronaut who makes this journey. And once on a new planet, you learn how to survive.

The journey begins on Earth. In the introduction film, you look up and see the history of space travel in the clouds. What drives people to go off on journeys of discovery? After this film, a strict training programme prepares you to become an astronaut. There are test stations, an obstacle course and a game to test your reactions. When you are sufficiently trained, you will be launched into space!

The second part of the exhibition is about space travel: ‘On the Way’. A large spaceship floats in the middle of the room as an eye-catcher. It’s essentially a play station with all kinds of games. You can enter the spaceship and make selfies on a space toilet! Outside, asteroids are a constant danger. In addition, various interactives show you what travelling in space really involves.

After a long journey, you land on a new home planet. In the last part of the exhibition, you learn what is needed for living in that place. Not every planet can support life! In a final quiz, you can see what you have learned.