Let’s dish up!

Aletta School of Public health

Title: Let’s dish up!
Client: Aletta School of Public health
Location: Forum Groningen, NL
Year: 2021
Size: 30m2
Subject: How are choices in nutrition influenced?

‘Let’s dish up’ shows how most nutritional choices in daily life are made for you, without noticing. What you eat is influenced by the place and time you live in, your cultural background, what the supermarket has to offer, and government regulations. These topics can be found in this installation. Five dishes show the menu in the North of The Netherlands from prehistoric to future time. Instead of snacks, a FEBO-wall lets visitors draw opinions about the sugar tax. In beautiful pictures by Gregg Segal, children from all over the world are portrayed among their weekly diet. 

Our health is not keeping up with the increasing life expectancy. If we don’t act, the rising demand for care will outgrow the resources. How can we prevent people from getting sick? And how can we make sure everyone profits from the healthcare system? Highly educated people live six years longer, and stay healthy for 15 years longer than people with a low education level. The Aletta School of Public health, a collaboration between the universities of Groningen, has a mission to increase health for everyone. They strengthen their research by organising interaction with the public, in particular low educated people, people from rural areas and people who are not necessarily interested in science. How can one approach as many people as possible in a playful way?

Based on nine health-related topics like relaxation and nutrition, nine installations were conceptualised, turning out to form a coherent travelling exhibition: “Chronically Healthy”. This is the second installation in this series, after Tiny Troublemakers.