Tweede Atjehstraat

Title: Tweede Atjehstraat
Client: Groutars & Brouwer
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2013
Size: 60 m2
Subject: Home interior and extension

A ground floor apartment of 60 m2 is not that big for a family of four. Fortunately, it was possible to build an extension at the back. But being on the ground floor, it remained a problem to get enough daylight into the home, especially with the extension. Therefore, we paid a great deal of attention to bringing in as much light as possible. The extension consisted of two rooms of different heights. This difference in height allowed daylight to enter through the old fa├žade. The lower room is the second bedroom. It is inserted into the glass front, as it were, while the wooden covering continues inside. This connection, its height and the use of glass creates a rich, outdoors feeling: a real garden room. The floor extends visually along the terrace.

The low room means that the kitchen can keep its higher window. Through a redesign, which included removing part of the wall, this became an open kitchen. The kitchen itself was completely redone and a key feature was a thick hardstone worktop which goes up at the back. This enables you to keep your worktop free and an LED strip built into the lip shines on the wall. All over the kitchen are niches which were created in former doorways and windows. An opening makes a line of sight connecting the kitchen and garden room. The extension and apartment are divided by a tailor-made cupboard, accessible from both sides. The rooms are divided but there is still a visual connection.

A large tailor-made white installation in the middle of the (old) apartment provides a lockable space and resolves storage issues. It contains a wardrobe and on the outside are cupboards and shelves. By keeping this area loose, you can maintain the spatial experience of the whole apartment. A heavy curtain turns the shelf into a wardrobe and also partitions off the bedroom.