Verbeelde idealen

Museum Het Schip

Title: Constructed Ideals
Client: Museum het Schip
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Year: 2016
Size: 300 m2
Subject: Permanent exhibition on architectural movement ‘the Amsterdam School’

As perhaps the Amsterdam School’s most famous building, ‘Het Schip’ is home to a museum devoted to this architectural movement. Designwolf was commissioned to design the museum’s first permanent exhibition.

The exhibition ‘Constructed Ideals’ places the movement in its time. Visitors walk along a timeline in the corridor. There they come across classrooms where they can immerse themselves in a variety of related subjects: idealism, people, inspirations, craftsmanship, Michel de Klerk and collective artwork. The exhibition offers an overview of the time, but also shows the architects of the Amsterdam school, their inspirations, their ideals and many examples of the end results.

Loving attention and quality craftsmanship can be found all over buildings and products designed by the Amsterdam School. There are numerous meaningful details which keep you looking at them over and over again. We applied this quality to the exhibition in a modern way. There is great attention to detail and the Amsterdam School’s iconic ladder window formed the basis for the visual concept. Five physical lines recur throughout the exhibition and literally connect everything to each other. They are also used for the flexible display system on which all graphics are hung.

All thematic spaces have their own kind of experience and interaction. This way, visitors stay surprised and curious. An RFID tour adds an extra layer to the exhibition and activates short videos in the display cases. That way, you as a visitor stop to look at objects which might otherwise have gone unnoticed.