Senses of Amsterdam


Title: Senses of Amsterdam
Client: Nemo
Location: Amsterdam
Year: 2020
Size: 20 m2
Subject: The border between safety and privacy in the city

The Senses of Amsterdam exhibition is an interactive installation about sensors in the city. Which measurements are taken and how is data collected? The installation informs visitors about the sensors present in the city of Amsterdam and how these sensors serve to make the city smarter. Senses of Amsterdam challenges you to share your thoughts!

The installation is a joint initiative of AMS Institute, the City of Amsterdam and NEMO, and is part of the Responsible Sensing Lab programme. This programme aims to study how smart technology in the city can be developed in a responsible manner, taking into account social values such as autonomy, privacy, transparency and inclusion.

We translated these values in the design by giving the installation a reflective interior, allowing visitors to spy on each other. A sensor welcomes visitors with “Hi, nice to sense you!”, and a red searchlight scans the installation.